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Feb. 17 Southern Show Choir Preview

After a fairly calm handful of competitions and most results being expected this past weekend, we turn our attention towards the next few events. This upcoming weekend in the southern show choir circuit holds a few interesting storylines among each competition, and here at HomeRoom, we’ll dive into each of those here as we preview every event, adding predictions as we go.


Tupelo King City Classic

            For this week’s southern competition of the week, we have the inaugural King City Classic, hosted by stand-alone single gender group Tupelo Synergy. This competition holds a few noteworthy remarks, to say nothing of the fact that this is the first time this event has ever happened. This marks the first time that, at least in the south, a single-gender group alone has hosted a competition. Not to mention that this will be the first time the south has held an “arena-style” competition, where there will be seats available on three sides (front, left, and right) of the stage instead of the traditional one (in front of the performers). This is also without mentioning the absolute bloodbath that this competition brings, with groups such as Auburn, Grenada, Jackson Academy all coming to duke it out with one another. For an inaugural event, this competition is looking to start off with a BANG.


Predictions (five finalists):

GC) Grenada “Visions” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Auburn “Varsity Singers”

2RU) Jackson Academy “Encore”

3RU) Madison Central “Reveille”

4RU) Jackson Prep “Reveillon”

1st in Single Gender) Auburn “Elan”


Homewood South Central Classic

            The state of Alabama only hosts one event this weekend, but it is one that features a prominent matchup. This weekend, the South Central Classic will see Clinton’s debut performance against a surging Oak Mountain, who is looking to continue their rampage against Mississippi powerhouses. However, taking down Clinton is a different task all on its own! With this prominent matchup and four or five groups in every present division, this historical show choir event looks to be a good one.


Predictions (five finalists):

GC) Clinton “Attache” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Oak Mountain “Singers”

2RU) Oak Mountain “The Muses”

3RU) Enterprise “Encores”

4RU) Northwest Rankin “The Ambassadors”

1st in Single Gender) Oak Mountain “The Muses”

1st in Middle Division) Spain Park “Rhapsody in Blue”


West Jones Show Choir Invitational

            While this competition seems to be an easy Grand Championship for Petal on the surface, we also have a solid matchup in the middle division between Northeast Jones and South Jones, not to mention another large and plentiful competition within the small division category with groups such as Pisgah, Wayne County, Laurel, West Marion, and CCA. While this competition isn’t as top-heavy as the other two, the earlier morning events will feature plenty of tight competition.


Predictions (five finalists):

GC) Petal “Soundsations” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Northeast Jones “Gold Horizons”

2RU) Petal “Innovations”

3RU) South Jones “Company”

4RU) Sumrall “Legacy”

1st in Middle Mixed) Northeast Jones “Gold Horizons”

1st in Small Mixed) Pisgah “Innergy”


While it's not a southern competition, it's worth making note that Brandon will be traveling to the Chesterton Trojan Classic in Chesterton, Ind., and competing against groups such as Carmel, Wheaton North, Marysville, and many others. Best of luck and safe travels to Brandon!

           With all these events going on this weekend, the competitive nature of show choir seems to be in full swing! We’ll loop back around after the weekend to see how all of these competitions and results played out. Stick around!

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