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Indiana Large Single-Gender Rankings: Week 4

Center Grove Debtones complete their preview show (Nathan Ensley)

These rankings are a collection of HRSC's Indiana voters four-member blind ballot to build where the consensus top ten sits. Ranking groups in Indiana is extremely difficult, with every group on this list being an extremely strong and deep program. The voters do their best to remove bias and come to a consensus through discussion from years of experience. The analysis attempts to emphasize what groups do well but also be realistic about where groups are at this point in the season. It hopes to provide a path forward and criteria for what would constitute progress or steps forward, along with a bold prediction for the fun of looking to where each group could end up. With all that out of the way, let's take a look at where the groups stand going into week four of the main season! 

#1 Carmel Accents (2 first-place votes)

Accents perform at Pike (Nathan Ensley)

Carmel came out the gate strong and took the highly coveted prize of Pike Music Fest. That put them first in the eyes of half our voters. Pike was the lone comp they were unable to capture during 2023 so that had to feel good. Now they have a long winning streak and a level of excellence in back-to-back seasons. So now the question becomes 'can Carmel surpass the level which they have already set?' Many would argue that without a doubt, they can. Like Ambassadors, they have an extensive history of winning and their own all-star choreographer in Ellie Jordan. Those factors will continue to contribute to the excellent chance Accents have to win every time they go out. They are a very strong bet year in and year out wherever they go. Save for that lone win by Debtones at Pike, they would also have had an undefeated run last season, so they should be considered close to the same level as Ambassadors.

What's a step forward? 

When they face tough competition, like Sound, prove that they still own this circuit. If they can beat the groups around them they just might be on their way to an undefeated season. 

Bold Prediction:

They will win out and begin a long win streak that will make them the front-runner for a very long time. 

#2 Fishers “Sound” (2 first-place votes)

Sound at Fishers Silver Spotlight (Nathan Ensley)

Some wondered if Sound would struggle coming off a director change from the leader who had brought them to prominence. Some people theorized that maybe their 2022 season was just one amazing group and their ability to dominate every competition would not be the norm every year. Observers wondered if they would simply fall back into the pack. Then Sound performed for the first time in 2024. Those who saw them immediately stopped wondering about what their floor of scoring was and started wondering where in the world their ceiling would be. They stepped onto that Plainfield stage and declared a simple message: Sound is back to being the group competitions run through, and you are going to have to deal with it. Now all of this isn't to say that they won't have a fight on their hands and that they will win every week. Accents is just as deadly, and Debtones is one of the best out there. They will have an extremely cooperative schedule beyond the two ranked groups they have already defeated. With all these groups rising to prominence, Indiana can once again boast one of the most competitive and talented single-gender scenes in the nation and if Sound can win some more comps, they will lead the way. 

What is a step forward?

Prove what the voters think right now and show out throughout the season. If they dominate like the voters think they can, then they will come out full throttle. 

Bold Prediction: 

They will not only win every comp, but they will not drop a caption. That's as bold as one can get and considering what the panel thinks of their floor, they didn't have far to go.

#3 Center Grove Debtones

Debtones complete their preview show (Nathan Ensley)

Last season, the Debtones traded victories with Carmel Accents as each picked up a grand championship in their two faceoffs, showing just how close the two groups are. This season, the Debtones are back with a vengeance, sharing a very unique and eye-catching “Eve” show. They already proved quickly how good they are, putting two Grand Championship notches on their belts. They have the characteristic Debtones precision and look to bring back the power that allowed them to keep Carmel from a perfect season. They have the opportunity to prove their talent once again at tough competitions this year. They have a very real chance to win two of the most prestigious comps of the year in Wheaton Warrenville South and Show Choir Nationals. If that isn't a group resume builder, what is?

What is a step forward? 

Performing week in and week out will be the name of the game. They can get to the point where they are truly fantastic, and the way to get there right now is boosting their reputation. 

Bold Prediction: 

They will not only win Wheaton Warrenville South and Nationals, but they will sweep both. This would be an extremely huge win for Debtones nationally and prove their ability to be deadly against anyone. 

#4 Franklin Central High Voltage

High Voltage completes its preview show (Nathan Ensley)

High Voltage looks to be right back in the fight for the best this season. They came out strong with a sweep at Decatur Central and ran extremely close with Carmel Accents at Pike. That comp was probably tough to swallow, being that close, but that is nothing to this group. They faced some super difficult competition this past season and truly ran the gauntlet. Often that means early on this season, on paper they will not be seen as strong as some above them, but this is quickly dispelled by the eye test, which tells you they belong right near the front of this field. Their continued fight against the amazing groups around them will tell that story even better than anything a writer can say. They will be a major group to watch throughout and if they can get out to a hot start, they just might find themselves up this list. 

What's a step forward? 

Getting a win or caption against one of the groups above will tell the world that they are without a doubt a part of what is coming this season. 

Bold Prediction:

They will be in the top two in the rankings at some point this season and get multiple division wins this season. 

#5 Avon Attraction

Avon Attraction performs at Plainfield (Nathan Ensley)

Avon came out last season and made a name for themselves with a four-win season. While they started the year off with a close loss to High Voltage, they tied the best vocal caption against an extremely impressive group. Attraction didn't stop there, as they pushed out Zionsville from the top five in the rankings and made an absolute statement at Plainfield. While they didn't win, it is not an exaggeration to say that they were the group the voters was most impressed with. They will be an amazing group to watch improve and pick up recognition throughout the season. While they don't have any yet, the Grand Championships will come, they just have tough competition around them. They have amazing opportunities all over the place to impress and make their case to sneak right into the fight with the top of their field. 

What is a step forward? 

Get a win somewhere. The stars are aligning for it to happen this year.

Bold Prediction: 

They will win more than they did last season. It is hard to do, but they are really improving. 

#6 Zionsville Choralaires 

Zionsville competes at Plainfield (Nathan Ensley)

Zionsville had a tough weekend by their standards, facing two extremely talented groups in Avon and Fishers. The rise of both those groups was probably a shock to the system, but this is Indiana and a group of this caliber sometimes find themselves in this spot. They remain extremely competitive and the top of the field at every competition they attend, boasting fantastic choreography. They have almost the same results as Royalaires last season, pulling off an absolutely remarkable sweep at Heart of America Orlando, taking almost every caption they awarded back to Indy. It just speaks volumes that a group of their caliber is standing in this position. Their theme, which often resembles the Eras Tour, really is going to be one to savor for the Swifties out there. They do what they do, and they will continue to do. They will be one of the best groups to watch this season and while Plainfield was tough, they will just 'shake it off'. 

What is a step forward?

Prove they can win against the groups in front of them this year. They're capable because they are that talented. I just need to be able to point at an exact result to say they belong ahead of these talented top three groups.

Bold Prediction:

They will take back the top five and make a run toward being among the best groups in the country. It will take some work, but Choralaires can quickly be considered one of the best groups in the circuit and country if they show out.  

#7 Plainfield Femmes Fatales

Femmes Fatales performs at Plainfield (Nathan Ensley)

Plainfield threw down the gauntlet to the field when they swept Carroll, who last time out, beat Los Alamitos at Heart of America New York. They looked extremely clean and ready to pounce on this division. They followed it up right after that with another sweep the week following, which establishes a win streak going into this season. The single-gender rankings can end up anywhere because the groups on this list are so talented. I mean, you just have to love Indiana, because amazing groups like Femmes Fatales can be in seventh. If they can continue to put the work in, they may begin to move into and cement their place in what is looking to be an ever-increasingly competitive power five.

What is a step forward? 

Keep the winning streak going this season and make it clear they are here to stay. 

Bold Prediction: 

They will be the main contender at ISSMA State for Sound. They will also make it a very interesting competition to watch and even pull off a fantastic upset. 

#8 North Central Descants

Descants perform at Pike (Nathan Ensley)

Descants kicked off their season at Pike and started the year off in a strong competition atmosphere. They looked far better than in past years. Descants made that statement and helped several voters feel at home despite many only being able to watch from afar. They will have a tough go facing so many amazing groups this season, but if they can capture a win this year, they will truly be back.

What is a step forward?

Make the new show style work in a real way and prove that they belong in the conversation closer to the top of this list. 

Bold prediction for this group: 

They will have a renaissance and capture not just their first Grand Championship since before the pandemic, but win more than once. 

9. Noblesville New Dimensions

Noblesville New Dimensions (Nathan Ensley)

This group would have almost the same record as NHS Singers, except that they did not compete at Mid America. This means they have had quite a bit of time to improve and build their show into something special. While they ran into a stellar Debtones group at Fishers, they still were competitive and beat Bella Bravada, the group immediately below them on this list. The game for now is steady progress in the field, which keeps getting more and more competitive. Keep taking steps forward and by the time they find themselves in Opry land, they will have a good chance to get a second stab at Debtones. 

What is a step forward?

Make improvements going into the next several weeks to get ready for the tests in the latter half of the season. 

Bold Prediction: 

They will be a major factor at Nationals and could threaten the amazing groups there.

#10 Lawrence North Bella Bravada

Bella Bravada at Fishers (Nathan Ensley)

Both Lawrence North Bellas and their mixed group impressed the voters at Fishers and looked like groups that could be in contention. Bella Bravada found their way onto this list because of that performance, and they pulled themselves even higher with a finals appearance at Pike. The more they work, and the more they grow, we will have every reason to move them up this list. 

What is a step forward? 

Keep building the program and make improvements week to week, they are already farther along than our team expected so I just say, keep going. 

Bold Prediction: 

They will go from not placing higher than third to competing for Grand Championships in the next two years. Who knows when in that period, but they are in the upswing and ready to take that next step.

Choirs that received votes: Homestead "Elite", Castle "Knightingales"

This is the first of multiple Indiana rankings from HomeRoom Show Choir this week - be on the lookout for other divisional rankings!


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Look out for those, coming soon!


Those top 3 groups are so great and you could swap any of them in order and not be wrong. Indiana is lucky.

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