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Week 6 Indiana Small School Rankings

Roncalli performs at FC (Nathan Ensley)

Small Mixed:

  1. Roncalli "Royal Rhapsody" (4 first-place votes, no change)

  2. Pendleton Heights "Pendletones" (no change)

  3. Huntington North "Varsity Singers" (no change)

  4. New Castle "Red Hot Blues" (no change)

  5. Northridge "Northern Lights" (+2)

  6. Edgewood "Music Warehouse" (-1)

  7. Columbus North "Vocal Pointe" (-1)

  8. Pike "Encores" (no change)

  9. Austin "Dimensions" (no change)

  10. Whiteland "Rhythm Masters" (new)

Receiving Votes: Cathedral "Adrenaline Rush", Mooresville "Spotlighters"

Small Single-Gender:

  1. Pendleton Heights "Emerald Suites" (3 first-place votes, no change)

  2. Huntington North "Viking Volume" (no change)

  3. Edgewood "Sophisticated Ladies" (no change)

  4. Northridge "Starlights" (1 first-place vote, no change)

  5. Norwell "Knight Stars" (no change)

  6. Columbus North "North Stars" (no change)

  7. Cathedral "Irish Adrenaline" (+2)

  8. Jay County "Just Treble" (+2)

  9. New Castle "Dynamiques" (-2)

  10. Whiteland "Expressions" (-2)

Receiving Votes: Columbia City "City Lights", Columbus East "Serenade"

Roncalli Closes Out on Top

While normally Roncalli would end their season with ISSMA state, this year, due to their spring break landing on ISSMA weekend, Roncalli ended their season on Saturday at Franklin Central. They finished in spectacular fashion, sweeping every caption to finish off undefeated in the small mixed division. With multiple wins over the Pendletones, they finish as the best small mixed group in Indiana.

New Castle: A Program on the Rise

New Castle has always been a choir to look out for in the small division. This year, they’re competing with over 50 performing in their choir (a massive jump in numbers from their 2023 season). This season, Red Hot Blues has won three grand championships as well as a third-place finish against Lafayette Jefferson and Center Grove. Every year, New Castle brings fresh and innovative show concepts to the stage, along with great vocals and clean choreography. This year, their show is about the Industrial Revolution and struggles it brought to the people of that time. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see New Castle rise to be one of the top three small mixed choirs next competition season.

National Competitions Welcome Small Indiana Choirs

This year, many small division choirs are traveling to national competitions around the country. Greenfield-Central and Cathedral are trekking to Nashville, Tennessee for Heart of America Nashville. Bloomington Amplitude will be attending Show Choir Nationals in Nashville as well. Edgewood choirs will be making an appearance at Heart of America New York City. These choirs will no doubt have a great time, but more importantly, they will challenge themselves with new competition and bigger expectations. Since many of these competitions do not have a small division, it will be an opportunity to test their chops against larger choirs.

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