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Illinois Poll Rankings 3/1/24

It's heating up in the heartland, as Illinois features two highly competitive events this week before more tight fields on the 9th and 16th. Where does everybody stand heading into it?

Varsity Mixed 

  • 1. Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” (3 first-place votes, +1)

  • 2. El Paso-Gridley “Modulations” (-1)

  • 3. Wheaton North “Flight” (No change)

  • 4. Mt. Zion “Swingsations” (NC)

  • 5. Naperville North “Entourage” (NC)

  • 6. Waubonsie Valley "Sound Check" (NC)

  • 7. Manteno "Magic" (NC)

  • 8. Mundelein "Sound" (+1) 

  • 9. Glenwood "Titan Fever" (-1) 

  • 10. John Hersey "OnStage" (NC)

  • 11. Peoria "Soundwave" (NC)

  • 12. Batavia "Swingsingers"(New)

Receiving votes: Oswego "Commotion"


  • 1. Wheaton Warrenville South "Esprit" (3 first-place votes, no change)

  • 2. Mt. Zion "Les Femmes" (NC)

  • 3. Naperville North "High Heeled Harmony" (NC)

  • 4. El Paso-Gridley "Hi Fidelity" (NC)

  • 5. Mt. Zion "You’ve Got Male" (NC)

Receiving votes: None.


  • 1. Danville "Delegation" (3 first-place votes, no change)

  • 2. Sullivan "Singers" (NC) 

  • 3. Herscher "Class Act" (NC) 

  • 4.  Dwight D. Eisenhower "Express" (NC)

  • 5. Mundelein "Reverb" (NC)

  • 6. Springfield "IN Session" (NC)

Receiving Votes: Unity "Vocal Rush"

Mixed Headlines

Wheaton Warrenville South with a late season surge

After starting the season with two second-place finishes, The Classics have now won each of their last two competitions against some tough competition.  After sweeping the Naperville North Clash last on Feb. 17, WWS rode their high into Hastings and brought the energy, beating the likes of Urbandale Studio and Bloomington Kennedy Rhythm in Gold.  The Classics have had some tough sledding all season, but it looks like they are catching their stride at the right time. The Classics will be going into a tough competition at Lafayette Jefferson this weekend, where they will have to compete with two Indiana powerhouses in Carmel and North Central.

Who survives Glenwood?

Five of the top 12 mixed groups in Illinois will be fighting for the top spot this weekend at Glenwood’s The Event. El-Paso Gridley (second) comes in as the favorite to win, followed by Mt. Zion Swingsations (fourth) as a close second. We can’t forget to mention Waubonsie Valley (sixth), Manteno (seventh), and Peoria (eleventh) as sure contenders for finals as well.  This competition could easily shake up the Illinois rankings for next week, as we finally get to see some top Illinois groups go head-to-head. Who will prevail?

Single-Gender Headlines

Esprit cruising into showdown at Lafayette Jefferson

Wheaton Warrenville South Esprit is having one of their most successful seasons as a group, and they are looking to continue that feat this weekend at Lafayette Jefferson. They made finals at each of their first three competitions, and finished as Grand Champion of the Prep Division at Hastings as well. However, this will be no easy task for the top-ranked girls group in the country, going against Carmel Accents (ranked third in Indiana) as well as Illinois rival Naperville North High Heeled Harmony (currently ranked third).  Both of those groups are big names in the single-gender division not only in their respective states, but in the entire country.  Both Carmel and Naperville North are coming off weeks where they didn’t finish exactly where they wanted to, but that is only going to make them more hungry to take Esprit’s crown. Esprit has the advantage, but it’s going to take all they’ve got to win Lafayette Jefferson. 

Single-Gender Shakeup

For the most part, the unisex rankings in Illinois have stayed stagnant, but this weekend that could all change.  Three of the five ranked groups will be competing at Glenwood, as Mt. Zion Les Femmes (second), El-Paso Gridley Hi Fidelity (fourth) and Mt. Zion You've Got Male (fifth) will be there.  Ironically, the other two groups left, Esprit (first) and High Heeled Harmony (third), will be competing at Lafayette Jefferson this weekend as well, giving us a complete head-to-head weekend with all of our top five unisex groups.  Things will almost certainly be shook up this weekend.

Festival Mixed Headlines

Danville catches “Titan Fever” at Peotone

Danville is on fire after receiving grand champs in festival mixed and second overall at Peotone Blue Devil Dance Party! In festival, they bested one of the best Midwestern prep groups in Troy Buchanan Soundwave as well as fellow-ranked Illinois groups Herscher and Springfield. In finals Delegation showed out, granting them second overall over the ninth-ranked large mixed group, Glenwood. This is the first time Danville has beaten them since 2013. Delegation will be traveling over state lines to try to make some noise in the Hoosier state this weekend, competing in open mixed at Avon.

Unity takes 2nd place in Indiana

Unity High School, home of Vocal Rush, received a top placement last weekend at the Southmont Mountie Nation Invitational in Indiana. Going up against several very respectable small mixed choirs, they were able to place second of five choirs. Vocal Rush is on the voters minds ahead Glenwood - they did make the receiving votes line for the third time this year.

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