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Tantasqua Show Choir Spectacular Review

Updated: Feb 27

Show choir in New England has been on a hiatus for about three weeks now. This is around the time frame when most groups in the community refine their shows the most and see the level of performance excellence skyrocket. The season will reconvene on March 2nd at Somerset Berkley for the New England Show Choir Classic. With that being said, let’s recap where the season had left off with the results of Tantasqua’s Show Choir Spectacular!

Large Mixed Results

GC: Daniel Hand “VIBE” (BV, BC, BB) – Gold Medal

1st Runner Up: South Windsor “Choral Spectrum” – Gold Medal

2nd Runner Up: Waltham “Music Unlimited” – Gold Medal

3rd Runner Up: Shepherd Hill “Fantasy” – Silver Medal

4th Runner Up: Lowell “Sound Impressions” – Silver Medal

5th Runner Up: Andover “From Start to Finish” – Silver Medal


Small Mixed Results

GC: Scranton “First Edition” (BV, BC, BB) – Silver Medal

1st Runner Up: Natick “West Street Singers” – Silver Medal

2nd Runner Up: Bishop Hendricken “Paramount” – Silver Medal

Leominster Ignition and Hillsborough Legacy received silver medals.


Single-Gender Results

GC: Shepherd Hill “Illusion” (BV, BC) – Silver Medal

1st Runner Up: Andover “Nothin’ But Treble” – Silver Medal

2nd Runner Up: Lowell “Soundsations” – Silver Medal

Andover Back to Bass-ics and Somerset Berkley Amplified received silver medals.


Middle School Results

GC: Worcester Arts Magnet “Crescendo” – Bronze Medal

1st Runner Up: Dudley “Prestige” – Bronze Medal


Highlights of the evening included the first competition performances of the season for groups such as South Windsor Choral Spectrum, directed by Jereme Martineau, who came out of the woodwork full-throttle, ready to show up and show out an amazing traditional-style show that left the audience wanting more. What made this show even more amazing was the fact that the students performed without their director and pulled off receiving second place! Kudos to their students and staff!

Shepherd Hill’s Fantasy and Illusion, directed by Becky Bussiere, Jana Deren and Kristen Morengo, also gave spectacular shows. Both were engaging and entertaining to watch. New choreographers have joined their program this year, and it is very apparent that these groups have embraced their new dance styles while also remaining to their roots of what Shepherd Hill has achieved for decades.

Natick West Street Singers, led by director Kate Burns, had very powerful vocal moments, especially for a group that has been in the competitive scene for only three years now. They are a program to keep an eye out for as they continue to grow.


As we look forward to the future, Somerset’s New England Show Choir Classic will bring together seven competing choirs and have a pair host exhibition shows. This is the first time the Classic has been held since 2015, some nine years ago! Some fun facts/history about the last time this competition was held: it ran until 12:30 a.m., and was the last time Franklin Central and Burbank competed up here in New England.


After the Classic, there will be a steady stream of show choir events in New England for nearly the next two months. Keep your eyes right here for more content highlighting these great groups!

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