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Illinois Show Choir Poll Rankings: Feb. 23

Week 3 of our Illinois Poll Rankings and wow wow wow. Manteno, Wheaton Warrenville South, Wheaton North, Mt. Zion, Danville, Sullivan amongst others had huge outings last week, that land them where they are today on our Weekly Rankings. Check them out below!

Varsity Mixed 

1). El Paso-Gridley “Modulations” (No change, 2 first-place votes)

2). Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” (+1, 1 first-place vote)

3). Wheaton North “Flight” (-1)

4). Mt. Zion “Swingsations” (NC)

5). Naperville North “Entourage” (NC)

6). Waubonsie Valley "Sound Check" (NC)

7). Manteno "Magic" (+1)

8). Glenwood "Titan Fever" (-1)

9). Mundelein "Sound" (NC) 

10). John Hersey "OnStage" (NC)

11). Peoria "Soundwave" (NC)

12). Oswego "Commotion" (NC)


1). Wheaton Warrenville South "Esprit" (No change, 3 first-place votes)

2). Mt. Zion "Les Femmes" (NC)

3). Naperville North "High Heeled Harmony" (NC)

4). El Paso-Gridley "Hi Fidelity" (NC)

5). Mt. Zion "You’ve Got Male" (NC)

Festival Mixed:

1). Danville "Delegation" (No change, 3 first-place votes)

2). Sullivan "Singers" (+2) 

3). Herscher "Class Act" (-1) 

4).  Dwight D. Eisenhower "Express" (-1)

5). Mundelein "Reverb" (NC)

6). Springfield "IN Session" (NC)

Receiving votes: Peotone "Powerhouse", Unity "Vocal Rush"

Mixed Headlines

Manteno Against The World

Manteno Magic climbed the rankings as they took their first grand champion win in six years! Competing at the El Paso-Gridley Show Choir Showdown, they grabbed Best Vocals over Glenwood Titan Fever. This season could be Magic’s best season in years, starting off strong with a third and a grand champion win! They were going to face off against Troy Buchanan and Glenwood once again this weekend at Peotone, but was sidelined due to sickness.

Classics with a knockout at the Clash

Wheaton Warrenville South The Classics claimed their first grand championship of the season against Prairie The Ambassadors from Iowa and Lafayette Jefferson First Edition from Indiana at the Naperville North Clash of the Sequins. Winning Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Band and Best Treble Soloist, The Classics seem to be hitting a midseason stride. They jumped crosstown choir Wheaton North in the rankings and did pick up one first-place vote from the panel.

Single-Gender Headlines

Esprit? More like Evening-sprit.

Wheaton Warrenville South Esprit is making a name for itself as an evening contender. After sweeping the single-gender division at the Clash of the Sequins at Naperville North, they advanced to finals and placed fourth. With an eight-competition win streak in division, a similar finals streak of eight competitions and their third fourth-place overall finish this season, Esprit is hands down the best women's group in Illinois right now. They will be in the prep division at Hastings Swingin' on the River in Minnesota this weekend, facing off against a variety of foes from Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

North heading West in battle at Iowa

Naperville North High Heeled Harmony is headed to the Davenport West Westside Showdown in Iowa this weekend. They will be challenged in the overall prep division by Waukee Spirit, a mixed prep group from Iowa and another frequent finals placer. Will HHH make finals yet again and solidify themselves as a top three Illinois unisex group, or will Iowa get the best of them? Time will tell.

Tier 2 Headlines

Flip-Flopping at EPG

The Tier 2 lineup at El Paso-Gridley was one that many had their eyes on coming into last weekend, and the results delivered plenty of chaos. After the daytime performances, it was announced that Sullivan Singers bested this poll's top-ranked Illinois tier 2 choir, Danville Delegation. Additionally, both of them grabbed a time-slot in finals. At the end of the day, however, Danville stepped up big in finals. Not only did they place above Sullivan, but Delegation received third place overall at the competition. Sullivan's performance bumped them up two spots on our list, and Danville's second effort keept them at the top spot.

Peotone Blue Devil Dance Party on Tier 2 Watch

The place to be this weekend for Tier 2 in Illinois is up north at Peotone. With a lineup featuring Kankakee, Springfield, Glenwood Titan Flame, Herscher, Danville, and honorary Illinois choir Troy Buchanan Soundwave, this comp has a lot at stake for the state, especially as the season moves into the later portions. Can Kankakee or Glenwood make a splash to crack one of the top spots? Can Herscher and Springfield hold them off? Will Danville best one the most competitive prep groups in the Midwest in Troy Buchanan? All eyes are on Peotone this weekend.

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