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Naperville North's The Clash of the Sequins!

“Step in the ring, leave everything out on the floor. This is THE CLASH!” will blare as the first group takes the stage at the Naperville North Clash of the Sequins on Feb. 17. Since 2016, Naperville North has hosted one of Chicagoland’s most competitive competitions. In a Midwest showdown featuring groups from Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois, The Clash is sure to pack a punch this weekend!

The Lineup: 

Championship: Bloomington Jefferson “Jefferson Connection” (MN), Northridge “Northern Lights” (IN), Prairie “The Ambassadors” (IA), Lafayette Jefferson ‘“First Edition” (IN), and Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” (IL)

Festival: Watseka “Sensations” (IL), Prairie “Focal Point” (IA), and Dwight D. Eisenhower “Express” (IL)

Treble: Northridge “Starlights” (IN), Bloomington Jefferson “Jive” (MN) and Wheaton Warrenville South “Esprit” (IL)

The Clash features only three programs from Illinois, coming off of an almost all-Illinois line-up in the previous year. The Clash welcomes the returning grand champions, The Classics, and the returning finalist and single-gender grand champions, Esprit. 

In a boxing-themed competition, it's only fitting to hand out anything but regular trophies. The top 6 finalists will receive a Title Belt with The Clash logo and their placement on it. The belt is the real deal made out of leather with adjustable clasps and a metal placard!



  1. Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” (BC)(BB)

  2. Lafayette Jefferson “First Edition” (BV)

  3. Bloomington Jefferson “Jefferson Connection”

  4. Prairie “The Ambassadors”

  5. Wheaton Warrenville South “Esprit”

  6. Northridge “Northern Lights”


  1. Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” 

  2. Lafayette Jefferson “First Edition” 

  3. Prairie “The Ambassadors”

  4. Bloomington Jefferson “Jefferson Connection”

  5. Northridge “Northern Lights”


  1. Dwight D. Eisenhower “Express”

  2. Prairie “Focal Point”

  3. Watseka “Sensations”


  1. Wheaton Warrenville South “Esprit”

  2. Northridge “Starlights”

  3. Bloomington Jefferson “Jive”

In the Championship division, Jefferson Connection came off of a rocky start to their season with a fifth place at Bloomington Kennedy Gold on Jan. 27, but came in strong with two third place finishes at the Eau Claire Memorial Winterfest and the North St. Paul Rock the North. In their fourth competition, they are a solid contender for a top-three placement. Jefferson just placed under Waconia Power Company earlier in the season, the same group The Classics claimed a second place to just the week before at Bettendorf Rhythm on the Riverbend. This makes the placements especially interesting, because no group competing has placed above Power Company. With Northern Lights making its season debut, much later than the rest of its competitors, they are the wildcard of the competition. The Ambassadors have claimed two third place trophies at their last two competitions, Johnston Showzam and Benton A Touch of Class . They placed under some incredible Iowa groups, but pulled ahead of the pack and secured themselves a solid placement. 

It is interesting to note the many styles of choreography that will be featured at the competition. Bloomington Jefferson is choreographed by Ellie Jordan, with assistance from Randy Sage for Jefferson Connection. Similarly, Wheaton Warrenville South, Ellie Jordan’s alma mater, is choreographed by Dwight Jordan. And to complete the Jordan family trifecta, First Edition is choreographed by Jeff Jordan, and under the direction of Mark Meyers. The Ambassadors are choreographed by Stephen Todd.

In the festival division, Sensations, with a shorter season, is hoping for higher placements after coming off a competitive Crete-Monee Show Choir Spectacular. Express, as of is supposedly performing not only at The Clash but at the Chesterton Trojan Classic on the same day. There's a chance they may not even perform at all at the Clash! With a difficult competition season, they have yet to secure a 1st placement. Focal Point, with two second-place finishes in the prep division, is competing in the festival division at The Clash. They are also still competing for their first grand champion placement in the prep/festival division. 

In the womens division, Esprit is walking into The Clash with two finals appearances (both resulting in fourth place) and sweeping their last two womens/prep divisions. With the streak they hold, they are a strong contender for finals! Starlights are making their competition debut after placing first in the Indiana Small School Show Choir Invitational. Jive is coming off of two a pair of runner-up finishes as well. They are still searching for the elusive win in the womens division with two more competitions to go. 

In an all-Midwest showdown, be sure to keep up with this incredible competition!

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Clash of the sequins is the best name for a show choir competition I've ever heard

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