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Illinois Show Choir Poll Rankings: Feb. 16

Week 2 of our Poll Rankings, saw a major shift in the power dynamic in Illinois. With a wild weekend ahead, can we expect more major movement in the state of Illinois?

Varsity Mixed:

1st) El Paso-Gridley “Modulations” (+3)

(via @epgshowchoir instagram)

So… if El-Paso did not have your attention before, they do now. The Modulations have been on an impressive run as of late, after starting the season off with a 4th place finish at Des Moines Christian, they have rattled off 3 consecutive victories. At their last competition, they snagged the top spot away from our previous #1 choir, Wheaton North. This was El-Paso’s first time defeating Wheaton North “Flight” according to The Modulations will be hosting this weekend, but will face some massive Illinois choirs like Mt. Zion, Waubonsie Valley, Peoria among others when they travel to Chatham-Glenwood. If El-Paso walks out of Glenwood with a GC, they could possibly be holding on to the top spot for quite a while.

2nd) Wheaton North “Flight” (-1)

(via @wnflight instagram)

Wheaton North “Flight” gets knocked down a peg after El-Paso’s shocking win in Manteno. Flight however, was able to walk away with the vocal caption by their side, proving evermore that their vocals are some of the best in the state. But for them, they are now tasked with traveling out of state to one of the biggest contests of the year in Chesterton (IN). If they can make a splash against Carmel (IN), Brandon (MS), and Marysville (OH) there is no telling what this list will look like next week!

3rd) Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” (-1)

(via @wwsclassics instagram)

Wheaton Warrenville South “The Classics” is headed to one of the top comps in the state this weekend at Naperville North The Clash of the Sequins (Feb. 17th). The Classics are still looking for that elusive first GC of the season.

4th) Mt. Zion “Swingsations” (-)

(via @mtzswingsations instagram)

After an off-week, Swingsations look to make a splash of their own at Center Grove (IN) this weekend. Going up against some of Indianapolis’s best in Franklin Central, North Central, and Fishers. Mt. Zion has only competed once thus far, receiving 2nd place at Troy Buchanan behind a very good Millard North (NE) choir.

5th) Naperville North “Entourage” (-)

(via @theclashcomp facebook)

Naperville North has not competed since their only outing at Marion Harding. At that competition they came away with Best Vocals, Best Band, and Best Costumes against one of the most historic groups in the nation, Marysville “Swingers Unlimited”. So with their two weeks off (this weekend hosting the Clash) you can expect Naperville North to be ready to go at the Davenport West Westside Showdown (Feb. 24th).

6th) Waubonsie Valley (-)

Waubonsie Valley has not competed since their first competition two weeks ago, but they will be back in action in Wisconsin at the Monona Grove Silver Stage Invitational this Saturday.

7th) Glenwood (-)

Titan Fever has the opportunity to make some noise in a loaded Illinois field at El Paso-Gridley this weekend. After receiving a 2nd place finish then a 5th, you know Glenwood is hungry for a top placement.

8th) Manteno (+2)

Manteno has the same opportunity at El Paso-Gridely as Glenwood. Manteno has not gone up against Illinois competition yet, so this will be a good test to see where they truly stand in the state this weekend.

9th) Mundelein (-1) 

Sound last week made some noise grabbing vocals and band with their 2nd place finish at Fort Atkinson. However, they have the tough task of going up against Mitchell and Johnston this weekend. Mundelein has only gone up against one Illinois choir this season, but that choir happens to hold the top spot at the moment. If Mundelein continues to get solid placements and El Paso stays at the top, it can only help Sound climb this list.

10th) John Hersey (+2)

John Hersey climbs two spots on this weeks rankings after a great finish at Manteno. OnStage was able to hedge out the two choirs below in the rankings. We are currently unsure where John Hersey will compete next.

11th) Peoria (-)

Peoria continues to be the "School of Solos" after winning yet another best soloist caption at Manteno. They will be attending two massive Illinois comps in the coming weeks, so they will get their opportunities to jump up this list.

12th) Oswego (New)

Welcome Oswego to the Rankings! Commotion failed to pick up a placement at their first competition, but made finals last weekend at Manteno. They, like everyone else, will be featured in the El Paso-Gridley lineup this weekend.


1st). WWS Esprit (-)

(via @wwsesprit instagram)

Wheaton Warrenville South “Esprit” is headed to Naperville North The Clash of the Sequins (Feb. 17th) this weekend. With two 1st placements in single-gender and two 4th placements overall in finals, Esprit is keeping steady not only as the top single-gender group in Illinois but as a top single-gender group in the nation. They are defending their previous title as the single-gender grand champions last season at their upcoming competition. As a shoo-in for finals yet again, will they keep their finals and undefeated streak and rise to the top of the rankings again? Only time will tell as the group moves throughout their difficult competition season. 

2nd). MTZ Les Femmes (-)

(via @mtzlesfemmes instagram)

Mt. Zion “Les Femmes” is competing against its toughest competition yet, as they travel to Center Grove the Best of the Midwest (Feb. 17th). Treble Tier 1 features some of Indiana’s finest including Fishers “Sound”, Franklin Central “High Voltage”, Carroll “Select Sound” and the North Central “Descants”. In a bloodbath of a competition, Les Femmes is hoping to walk away as grand champions not only to build their streak but to assert Illinois back into the Midwest power rankings! After placing 6th in finals and winning the single-gender division at the Troy Buchanan Show Choir Invitational (Feb. 3rd), Les Femmes is coming in hot! With a Barbie-themed show and Dwight Jordan choreographing, anything is possible for this group!

3rd). Naperville North "High Heeled Harmony" (-)

(via @NapervilleNorthHSShowChoirs facebook)

Naperville North “High Heeled Harmony” is taking the weekend off again after sweeping the single-gender division and placing 6th in finals at the Marion Harding Singsational (Feb. 3rd). They will compete next at the Davenport West Westside Showdown (Feb. 24th) against one of Iowa’s best treble groups Waukee “Spirit”! As HHH is headed for what could be one of their best seasons ever! They face against Wheaton Warrenville South “Esprit” as well as the Carmel “Accents” and the North Central “Descants” at the Layfayette Jefferson Xtreme Show Choir Showdown (Mar. 2nd)! Who will come out on top of Illinois as the season continues, only time will tell!

4th). El Paso-Gridley "Hi Fidelity" (+1)

El Paso-Gridley “Hi-Fidelity” is making waves in the single-gender division with three confirmed 1st placements in the treble/single gender/prep division this season. As Modulations has climbed the Illinois rankings, Hi-Fi is moving up as well! With almost 3 weekends until their next and final competition, Hi-Fi will be competing against both of Mt. Zion’s single-gender groups and Waubonsie Valley “Resonance”. If they can win Glenwood The Event (Mar. 2nd), they will have completed their first undefeated season in Hi-Fi history! With the streak they have now, it is not out of the question!

5th). Mt. Zion "You’ve Got Male" (-1)

Mt. Zion “You’ve Got Male” the pride and joy bass group of Illinois is featuring a smaller season this year. After placing second in the single-gender division at the Troy Buchanan Show Choir Invitational (Feb. 3rd) under their treble group, Les Femmes. YGM will be taking a three-week hiatus before competing again in Glenwood The Event (Mar. 2nd), where they will once again go up against Les Femmes as well as two other Illinois single gender groups Waubonsie Valley “Resonance” and El Paso-Gridley “Hi-Fidelity”. However, the YGM guys are keeping busy competing in their mixed group, Swingsations, at the Center Grove the Best of the Midwest competition (Feb. 17th) this weekend!

Tier 2

1st). Danville "Delegation" (New)

(via @Tobias Rhodes on Youtube)

Danville at their first competition last weekend bested the largest Illinois tier 2 lineup to date. Despite not winning the vocal or band caption, choreography was all they needed to take the win. Elevating them to number 1 in the division.

2nd). Herscher "Class Act" (-1)

(via @HerscherMusicBoosters facebook)

Herscher still sits at #2 despite not having a win yet this season. At Crete-Monee earlier in the season they got second to Sullivan Singers, but last weekend at Manteno they placed over them. They got third behind the two new groups on this list, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Danville, but they managed to walk away with vocals and band. Those captions are huge as it keeps them in the second spot for this week.

3rd). Dwight D. Eisenhower "Express" (New)

(via @DwightD.EisenhowerChoralDepartment facebook)

Like Danville, this was Dwight D. Eisenhower's first compeition in tier 2 this season, except this is their third time competing this season. At the first two competitions for Express they competed in the large mixed division, explaining why this is their first appearance on the Tier 2 list. At Manteno they placed higher than Herscher, but our voters decided to wait and see how they place at the Clash this weekend before allowing them to make the jump.

4th). Sullivan "Singers" (-2)

Sullivan Singers fall back two spots after receiving 4th at Manteno. However, they are mixed in with the toughest Illinois tier 2 division of the weekend at El Paso-Gridley. If they can get a high placement or even beat Danville, who knows how far they can be next week.

5th). Mundelein "Reverb" (-2)

It's been hard to get a read on Mundelein's prep group so far this season, as they have only competed against one other Illinois tier 2 choir so far this season. However, they do have a win to their name, and at Sauk Prairie they got second behind El Paso's girls group. This weekend they will be going up against two very good Iowa tier 2 choirs, it would be massive for their résumé if they can find a way to win at Davenport Central.

6th). Springfield "In Session" (-1)

Springfield last week attended an Iowa comp that saw them get third in their division, however they still managed to make overall finals! They received 6th place at Keokuk and they receive 6th place in our rankings.

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