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Lowell Mill City Show Choir Festival Recap

The 2024 show choir competition season is in full effect in New England. The season started off right at Lowell High School in Massachusetts, where the Mill City Show Choir Festival hosted five schools from around the region on Jan. 13 and provided a spectacular look at what is to come this season.

Daniel Hand VIBE came out victorious with best vocals, best choreography, best band and a best soloist award. 1st runner up went to Waltham High School’s Music Unlimited and followed by Andover’s From Start to Finish in 3rd. In the open division, Andover’s treble group Nothin’ But Treble came out on top in 1st, followed by Somerset Berkley’s Amplified in 2nd.

Each show proved itself to be one to watch over the course of the season and shows that New England show choir is back in full effect. With Daniel Hand’s meticulously designed Velveteen Rabbit set, show choir superfans may be able to recognize some reimagined Josh Greene arrangements like “Who’s That Rabbit?”, “Solitary Home”, and “Closing of the Year/New Year’s Day”. Other notable highlights include Waltham’s rendition of the Jungle Book’s “I Wanna Be Like You”, and Nothin’ But Treble’s take on the Billy Porter anthem “Love Yourself”.

Looking toward the future, everybody will be seeing most of the other choirs in the circuit for first impressions at the Shepherd Hill Central Massachusetts Show Choir Festival hosted on February 3rd. Next up are Tantasqua’s Show Choir Spectacular on February 10th, Somerset’s New England Show Choir Classic on March 2nd, Andover’s New England Show Choir Showdown on March 15th-16th, Bishop Hendricken’s Lil’ Rhody Rumble on March 23rd, and the season wraps up with Waltham’s Eastern Show Choir Festival on April 6th.

Large Mixed Results

GC: Daniel Hand VIBE (BV, BC, BB) – Gold Medal

1RU: Waltham Music Unlimited – Gold Medal

2RU:Andover From Start to Finish – Silver Medal

Best Soloist 1: From Start to Finish

Best Soloist 2: Music Unlimited

Single-Gender and Small Mixed Results

GC: Andover Nothin but Treble – Silver Medal

1RU: Somerset Amplified – Silver Medal

Oliver Ames Panache – Bronze Medal

Andover Back To Bassics – Bronze Medal

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