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Anamosa Sadie Street Showcase 2024 Review

Expectations were shattered this weekend at Anamosa as the season continues to unfold. This competition was an amazing way for some to kick off the season. Read on to see how the Sadie Street Showcase transpired! 

Middle School Division:

Southeast Junior High “ Sound Express”

Sound Express performed as the only middle school group on Saturday. They are not yet listed for any other competitions so we will see if and when they take the stage again. 

Prep Division

1st: Cedar Rapids Washington “Celebration”

2nd: Benton Community “Jubilation, Inc.”

The prep division played out as most would expect. Cedar Rapids Washington’s (CRW) Celebration was victorious in their first competition and hopes to continue their success for the rest of their competition season. Neither Benton Community or CRW’s schedule are on any other lineups yet, so we will see what else is in store. 

Women’s Division 

1st: Iowa City “Charisma”

2nd: Albia “Electric A’s”

3rd: Xavier  “Xuberance”

Charisma takes the win for this one over the two divisional newcomers. They hope to continue their success next week against Cedar Rapids Jefferson’s Ovation and another new women's group, Urbandale Affinity. The Electric A’s snagged that second place spot from Xuberance and started to establish their presence within the single gender division. Xuberance has a lighter rest of the season as they will only be facing some prep groups and not any other womens groups. The rest of Albia’s competition tour has not been announced.


1st: Marion “New Creation”

2nd: Benton Community “Celebration Co.”

3rd: Center Point-Urbana “Summit Street Singers”

4th: West Delaware “WD Forte”

New Creation continues their reign over the 3A division with their fifth consecutive divisional win. The show is themed to light, and they lit up the stage and secured themselves a spot in the finals. Also securing a spot in finals, Celebration Co. was second in the division. These two groups are followed by Summit Street Singers in third place and WD Forte in fourth. While WD Forte is not listed for any more events this season, all three of the remaining 3A choirs are looking to continue to improve and shine at their next events. 


1st: Iowa City “4th Avenue Jazz Company”

2nd: Cedar Rapids Washington “Momentum”

3rd: Xavier “Xhilaration”

4th: Western Dubuque “5th Avenue”

5th: Clinton “River Royalty”

The Linn-Mar Supernova rematch was fought and after the dust settled, some would be surprised with who won this brawl. 4th Avenue Jazz Company (4AJC) started off their season in first place. This is a great improvement from their third place in prelims last season at Anamosa behind Momentum and 5th Avenue. In second is Momentum, who was favored to win overall by community consensus. In third place is Xhilaration, followed by 5th Avenue, and rounding out the division is River Royalty. The top four schools from the 4A division advanced to finals for yet another chance to duke it out. Again, all groups but CRW are listed for more events this season so we will see how the season progresses.


GC: Iowa City “4th Avenue Jazz Company” (BV/BC/BB)

1RU: Cedar Rapids Washington “Momentum”

2RU: Marion “New Creation”

3RU: Xavier “Xhilaration”

4RU: Western Dubuque “5th Avenue"

5RU: Benton Community “Celebration Co.”

For the finals round, judges scored the groups with points and then those points were converted into ranks. 30.5 points separated 4AJC and Momentum in finals, but only nine and a half points separated them in prelims. It is very impressive to see such a massive pull ahead from 4AJC. Securing the third place spot is Marion’s New Creation, advancing over Western Dubuque and Xavier from the 4A division. Xhilaration placed fourth overall, which is an improvement from their sixth place finish at Des Moines Christian three weeks prior. The final two placements were 5th Avenue in fifth place, and Celebration Co. finishing out the top six. All three major captions went to 4AJC so they are primed to start a fantastic season. 

Some roads will diverge from Sadie Street and some will continue together - keep posted for more Iowa content!

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