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Bradley Davis' Southern Show Choir Rankings (Miss. Middle School)

Hey Folks! My name is Bradley Davis and I am a Southern Show Choir Aficionado. Here’s my breakdown of the Top 10 Middle School show choirs in the Southern State of Mississippi.


1. Clinton “Ambassadors”


(Bradley's favorite pick for Show Design)

Clinton’s middle school, much like their high school, embodies excellence. They’ve had a rather unrelenting year this year, sweeping most of their competitions and winning everywhere they traveled. Their theme this year was “Day in the Life of a Junior High School Student”. This show was my all time favorite show design from a middle school group this season. It was very well performed, witty, fun to watch, and full of incredible soloists.Vocals were clean and controlled for the majority of the show. Choreography was full and well developed. Clinton suffered a noticeable loss in choreography to Jackson Academy at Madison Central’s Deep South Classic, but that is the only caption that they lost all year.

2. Madison “Kaleidoscope”


3. Sumrall “Impact”

*Undefeated in Small Mixed*

Madison Middle School “Kaleidoscope” Jumped up into this list after overall top placements at every competition they attended. Their show design this year was “Boogie Shoes”. There were some blemishes in their record, such as Biloxi grabbing vocals from them at Jackson Academy’s Show Choir Invitational, and Northeast Jones beating them in Show Design at West Jones. Despite this, they dominated, winning their first ever Grand Championship, and having their first undefeated season. Sumrall “Impact” is the only small mixed middle school show choir to make this list. They are living proof that you can do more with less. They went undefeated in their division and shocked the show choir community with their overall grand champion win at Oak Grove’s Magnolia Invitational over powerhouses like Petal and Northeast Jones.

4. Petal “Spark!”

(Bradley's favorite pick for Choreography)

5. Northeast Jones “Tiger Vibe”

*Super Competitors*

(Bradley's favorite pick for Costumes)

6. Biloxi “Sound Storm”

*Super Competitors*

(Bradley's favorite pick for Vocals)

Petal “Spark” maintained their status as one of Mississippi’s best middle school show choirs. They are also my pick for best choreography on this list. Northeast Jones had a dominant year, fighting their way through the circuit with their candy themed show. They’re my pick for best costumes. Biloxi “Sound Storm” is another big name in the southern middle school show choir scene. They also carved their way through the circuit, holding their own against some of the strongest groups this year. They are my pick for best vocals of the season.

7. Brandon “Blitz”

8. Pearl River Central “New Edition”

*Super Competitors*

9. Tupelo “Splash”

10. Oak Grove “Spotlight”

If you would like to hear more of my thoughts on southern show choir, I run a podcast on Soundcloud called “SouthernShows”. I’d love to see you there! I have some more rankings coming out very soon, so stay tuned.

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