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2024 Marysville Showcase Preview

This weekend, Ohio’s last major comp of the season will take place with many out-of-state groups coming for one last shot at glory at the Marysville Showcase! 

Womens Division  

  • Olentangy “She-Notes” 

  • Winfield “Emerald Elegance” 

  • Norwell “Knight Stars” 

  • North Central “Descants” 

  • Carroll “Select Sound” 

  • Petal “Innovations” 

This lineup features womens groups from four different states, all of whom have seen success this season and will be looking for a win here. Ohio’s sole representative is the Olentangy She-Notes, who started off the season with a win in single-gender at Winfield but since then have fallen to groups like Marion Harding’s men and Loveland’s women. West Virginia, meanwhile, will be represented by Winfield’s womens group, who is coming off of a second place overall finish at Sissonville (behind Winfield’s mixed group). Indiana has three groups fighting it out in the womens division; the smallest is Norwell, who has done decently in their division this season but failed to make finals at Bishop Luers. One of the groups that beat them at Bishop Luers was Carroll, who will be at this competition after coming in second in the womens division at Bishop Luers and placing sixth overall at HOA Nashville. North Central is coming to represent Indianapolis at this competition; their womens group is coming off of a second place finish (behind Plainfield) at Lawrence Central. Finally, representing Mississippi is Petal’s womens group, who have made finals at each of their competitions this season (placing fifth overall in each case). All in all, this looks to be a competitive womens division, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out. There are three finalists in this division, so they will get a shot at their own glory.

Small Mixed 

  • Whitehall-Yearling “Music Unlimited” 

  • Portsmouth “Expressions” 

The smallest division at Marysville features two of Ohio’s most underappreciated small groups, Whitehall-Yearling and Portsmouth. Whitehall has been doing somewhat well recently, placing third in Small Mixed at Grove City and then making Small Group finals at Fairfield last weekend, where they placed sixth. Portsmouth, meanwhile, has had almost a month since their last competition at Poca, and have not placed at any of the competitions they have attended. They will be looking to end their season on a high note at this competition, and the action should be tight between these two groups at Marysville. 

Middle Mixed 

  • Peoria “Soundwave” 

  • Ross “Legacy” 

  • Winfield “General Admission” 

  • Norwell “Knight Moves” 

Four groups from four states will be competing in this division, making this quite the varied lineup. Ohio will be represented by Ross in their last competition of their debut season as a Small Mixed group. While Ross didn’t have a great start to the year, not making Small Mixed finals at Winfield, they have recently seen some success, placing on the podium in Small Mixed finals among tough fields at Pendleton Heights and Fairfield. They will be going up against Winfield, one of the best middle mixed groups from West Virginia, who are coming off of a win at Sissonville’s competition last weekend and have done well in tough fields at Homestead and Franklin Central. Indiana will be represented in this division by Norwell, who most recently finished third in Small Mixed at Bishop Luers behind Edgewood and Grosse Pointe South. Finally, Peoria Soundwave will be representing Illinois, though they have had a tough season due to low numbers. Still, they have managed decent placements at Mt. Zion and Manteno, so it isn’t out of the question that they do well here. 

Large Mixed 

  • Carroll “Magic” 

  • Beavercreek “Friends” 

  • North Central “Counterpoints” 

  • Olentangy “Keynotes” 

  • Petal “Soundsations” 

Five groups from three different states will be clashing in the marquee showdown at Marysville, which looks to be one for the ages. Ohio’s two representatives will be Beavercreek and Olentangy; Beavercreek is looking to do well here, coming off of a win at Norwell last weekend as well as two other podium placements earlier in the season. Olentangy, meanwhile, beat Beavercreek earlier in the season at Loveland but haven’t quite seen the same success that they did at Winfield (their first competition), where they managed to take Best Vocals and several other caption awards off of Marysville. Still, they did manage a podium finish at Fairfield last weekend, so anything really is possible with them. Indiana has two representatives as well, with Carroll and North Central making the trip to Ohio. Carroll has had a tougher season this year, not placing in a tough field at Center Grove and not making the podium at Ross, but they did manage to take vocals off of an undefeated ETC at Bishop Luers and place on the podium in a tough field at HOA Nashville last weekend. North Central, meanwhile, has seen success in the past couple of weeks, managing to take Best Choreography against Carmel and Wheaton Warrenville South at Lafayette Jefferson and taking home their first win and sweep of the season at Lawrence Central last weekend. The last group in Large Mixed also has the longest trip to Ohio, with Petal making the drive up from Mississippi. Petal, one of five titans of the South, has gone undefeated since their early loss to fellow titan Oak Mountain at Enterprise, taking home a sweep at West Jones and a win last weekend at Biloxi, though perennially competitive Texas group Keller Central managed to take vocals off them. 

With groups from six states competing at this year’s Showcase, Marysville’s competition looks to be one of the most exciting this weekend. Make sure to keep your eye out for more content and analysis from HomeRoom Show Choir for all that you need to stay updated on show choir across the country. Have a great weekend! 

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