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The Smith-Cotton Show Me Classic has been Canceled

After the cancelation of Troy Buchanan yesterday, another Missouri competition bites the snow. Smith-Cotton was forced to close it doors keeping in-mind the safety of others, as the ongoing snow storm was too much to handle.

Here was the Smith-Cotton Show Me Classic lineup ⤵️

Also, its good to note that Mitchell "Friend de Coup" (South Dakota) was planning on attending both Missouri competitions (Troy / Smith-Cotton) on the SAME DAY! With Troy being a 1 & done and their performance being at 11:30 A.M. they would have got off stage, got on the bus, drive 2 1/2 hours and competed at prelims (5:45 p.m.) and most likely would have got to perform at Finals at Smith-Cotton. A possible 2 comps / 3 shows in a day would have been a feat that many would loved to see Mitchell pull off.

Smith-Cotton Show Me Classic is planning on returning for 2023 season.

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