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Southern Show Choir Poll Rankings: Mar. 5

After another weekend of southern show choir, it’s time to update the rankings to currently reflect who stands where. This is a weekly poll voted on by five panelists and will change every week until the end of the season. In the spirit of recognizing all the South's best choirs, large mixed, middle mixed, small mixed and single-gender choirs are ranked. Take a look at the new rankings below:

Large/Extra-Large Mixed:

1)     Clinton “Attachè” (5 first-place votes, no change)

2)     Homewood “The Network” (NC)

3)     Grenada “Visions” (NC)

4)     Oak Mountain “Singers” (NC)

5)     Brandon “Brio” (NC)

6)     Petal “Soundsations” (NC)

7)     Auburn “Varsity Singers” (NC)

8)     Northwest Rankin “The Ambassadors” (+2)

9)     Jackson Academy “Encore” (-1)

10)   Enterprise “Encores” (-1)

Receiving Votes: West Jones "Imagination"


1)     Tupelo “Synergy” (5 first-place votes, no change)

2)     Oak Mountain “The Muses” (NC)

3)     Homewood “Nexus” (NC)

4)     Brandon “Bellas” (NC)

5)     Auburn “Elan” (NC)

6)     Northwest Rankin “The Allure” (+1)

7)     Petal “Innovations” (-1)

8)     Tift County “Ladies Choice” (NC)

9)     Enterprise “Esprit” (NC)

10)   Tift County "Tiftosterone" (NC)

Receiving Votes: Northwest Rankin "The Ambition", Madison Central "Renown"

Middle Mixed:

1)     Northeast Jones “Gold Horizons” (3 first-place votes, no change)

2)     Vestavia Hills “Singers” (2 first-place votes, no change)

3)     South Jones “Company” (NC)

4)     Albertville “CenterStage!” (NC)

5)     Homewood “Continuum” (NC)

Receiving Votes: Spain Park "Rhapsody in Blue", Briarwood "Radica"

Small Mixed:

1)      Oxford “Sound” (5 first-place votes, no change)

2)     West Marion “New Era” (NC)

3)     Pisgah “Innergy” (NC)

4)     Wayne County “Orange Sensations” (NC)

5)     Laurel “Showstoppers” (NC)

Receiving Votes: Clinton Christian "Extreme"


Things Worth Noting in the Rankings:


Northwest Rankin’s Jump:

Slowly improving throughout the season, Northwest Rankin The Ambassadors jumps two spots to eighth overall in this week’s large mixed rankings. This placement comes after beating Jackson Academy for third overall the past weekend at the Madison Central Deep South Classic. Northwest Rankin will have a chance to jump even higher this next weekend, as they face off against Opelika, Keller Central, and (more importantly) Petal at the Biloxi Gulf Coast Classic. A win at Biloxi would certainly do numbers all around for Northwest Rankin.


Innovations and The Allure:

Despite not competing against each other last weekend, Petal’s Innovations and Northwest Rankin’s The Allure swap places in this week’s single-gender rankings. With that said, the two groups will actually get to compete against each other for the first this season at the upcoming Biloxi Gulf Coast Classic to settle the score for their placements.


Middle Mixed and Small Mixed Unchanged:

This last weekend’s results seemed to be to the surprise of nobody, as the poll results remain exactly the same for the small and middle division categories. With that being said, we will be getting a large amount of competition in both these divisions at the Biloxi Gulf Coast Classic. This event will host four groups in the middle division (including first-place Northeast Jones) and a whopping groups in the small division (including each of the second through fifth ranked groups). Next week’s rankings are sure to reflect the outcomes from this competition.


Future Matchups:

Although this week’s poll doesn’t reflect much change overall, it does set up a few interesting matchups for spots within our rankings. Other than the previously mentioned Northwest Rankin versus Petal clash for the newly changed single-gender spot, we’ll also see Oak Mountain and Brandon battle for the fourth large mixed spot this weekend at the Tift County Peach State Invitational, not to mention their single-gender choirs, who are also second and fourth respectively in that division.

Biloxi and Tift County signify the end of competition season in the South. The next batch of rankings released will be the expanded end-of-season rankings, which will be published sometime in mid-to-late March.

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