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New Directors in the Mississippi Show Choir Circuit

It hasn't been the busiest year on the directing carousel in Mississippi, but there's still been a few key moves spanning both Large Division and Middle Division. Find out more about what's in store:

Madison Central “Reveille”

Previous Director: Tammy Carney-Maxie

New Director: Leigha Nix

Reveille is coming off two of their more successful years in recent memory, having won a Grand Championship in both and many other well-earned placements. They’ll have a new director at the helm this next season though, with Leigha Nix taking over in place of Tammy Carney-Maxie. This is another case where we see a school converting their theatre director into a show choir director, something we’ve seen a bit more of recently here in the southern show choir circuit. She’ll be an interesting story to follow as MC Reveille attempts to continue their recent success from these last couple of years.


Northeast Jones “Gold Horizons”

Previous Director: William “Bill” Myers

New Director: Angie Hodge

There is no “replacing” someone as impactful and successful as Bill Myers. He served as the director of NEJ for many years while helping them maintain their status as a major threat in both the Small, Middle, and even sometimes Large Divisions at every competition they entered. He was so well-respected that the Mississippi Legislature passed a House Resolution (Resolution #178 to be exact) commending not only his show choir success, but also the effect he had on his students and the state overall. Following in his steps, though, will be Northeast Jones alumni and previous middle school director for the NEJ Tiger Vibe show choir, Angie Hodge. Being so closely connected to both Myers, Northeast Jones, and Gold Horizons herself, Hodge seems to be a great legacy hire as Gold Horizons looks forward to their first season in a very long time without Bill Myers at the forefront.


Oak Grove “Center Stage”

Previous Director: Ashley Bolling

New Director(s): Hilary Strum and Deborah Wolfe-Bates

After a few rough seasons (minus their standout year after the COVID-19 pandemic when they dropped down to Small Division), Oak Grove will see a change of command with new directors Hilary Strum and Deborah Wolfe-Bates stepping in. These two pose as a very interesting duo, as Strum offers valuable experience within the Oak Grove show choir family itself as a previous middle school director and Wolfe-Bates brings a history of being able to win in the middle division with time spent at Pearl River Central and South Jones. They hope to pair the two pieces together and help Oak Grove bounce back into competition this next season. Center Stage is also moving up to the Large Division this year after spending 2022 and 2023 in Middle Mixed.


Pearl River Central “Central Attraction”

Previous Director: Haley Lambert

New Director: Hannah Morris

HRSC couldn’t find much information on PRC’s new director Hannah Morris, only that she a background in music and is a local to the area, both of which are undoubtedly positives. Either way, it’ll be worth noting to see how next year goes after their roller coaster of a season last year. This would be when they won two first-placements in their division and famously placed first overall in the shocking preliminary results at the 2023 Jackson Academy Show Choir Invitational, where they competed with four Large Division groups even though they themselves are a traditional Middle Division contender. Central Attraction will be ready and back at it this next year with their new director leading the way. PRC will, however, be without its womens group Illumination, which is on hiatus for the year.

Madison Central will debut its show (or some version of it) at Northwest Rankin on the 20th - we will have to wait longer to see what's in store for the rest of these groups!

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