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Mar. 2 Southern Show Choir Preview

            This upcoming weekend, the state of Alabama is at rest when it comes to hosting competitions, but Mississippi is doubling down. Two competitions will be held: the Oak Grove Magnolia Invitational and the Madison Central Deep South Classic. While the stakes this weekend may not be as high as this last weekend, there's still plenty to fight for a several groups wrap up their season.



            This competition seems to be Biloxi’s best chance yet to claim their first ever grand championship, barring a sudden change of attending groups. Their biggest threats come in the form of Pearl River Central, Wayne County, West Marion, and Laurel. All of those are small division groups, minus Pearl River Central being a middle division contender. The small division seems to be the only competitive division here, with middle mixed and extra-large mixed featuring only one group each. The previously-mentioned small division groups looking to claim the top of their division. Predictions are as follows:


Predictions (no finals):

GC) Biloxi “Sound Surge” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Pearl River Central “Central Attraction”

2RU) Wayne County “Orange Sensations”

3RU) West Marion “New Era”

4RU) Laurel “Showstoppers”



            This year’s Deep South Classic features an interesting matchup between Grenada and Tupelo. These two placed right by each other at the Jackson Academy Show Choir Invitational, where Grenada placed over Tupelo. However, things can absolutely change throughout the course of the season, so these two groups will be watched closely as they compete against one another again. Tupelo, similar to Biloxi, also looks to claim their first-ever grand championship this weekend. Jackson Academy leads the rest of the bunch as outsiders looking to upset those two favorites. The only other competitive division here not previously mentioned is small division, where Pisgah and Clinton Christian will battle it out. Predictions are as follows:


Predictions (no finals):

GC) Grenada “Visions” (BC/Show Design)

1RU) Tupelo “Synergy” (BV)

2RU) Jackson Academy “Encore”

3RU) Northwest Rankin “The Ambassadors”

4RU) Northeast Jones “Gold Horizons”


            There are also groups traveling out of the traditional southern to compete. Jackson Prep will make the trip out west to Burbank, just outside of Los Angeles, where they will compete in advanced mixed division II. There are a few Alabama groups traveling north to Tennessee to compete at the Donelson Christian Academy Music City Show Choir Invitational, which will also feature groups from Georgia and Tennessee. Don’t forget to come back after the weekend is wrapped up to view the results and what they mean going on from here!

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