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Illinois show choirs prepare for upcoming season at DVC Clinic

Some of Illinois' most well-known groups got together on December 16 at Naperville North High School to preview their shows to each other and work with clinicians to workshop their amazing shows before the holiday break. The participating groups were the mixed and unisex groups of Wheaton Warrenville South (The Classics and Esprit), Waubonsie Valley (Sound Check and Resonance), and Naperville North (Entourage and High Heeled Harmony). These three schools have been holding this clinic for a few years now, and all three of them formerly hailed from the same athletic conference, the DuPage Valley Conference (DVC).

Throughout the day, all three choirs got to workshop with the likes of the Indianapolis-based choreographer Joe Sato, Elmhurst University professor Sarah Catt, and longtime choreographer Nancy Bocek, among others. In these workshops, the choirs worked on their show vocals, cleaned their choreography, and changed things stylistically in preparation for their "preview" show they would be giving at the end of the long day. None of their shows had been completely finished, so groups did what they could and put however much of their shows they had on stage for the other groups to see. The groups were able to experience a live audience for their competition shows, something that some groups don't even get to experience until they show up to their first competition. Having that experience in the back pocket will perhaps be a leg up when it comes to the early part of competition season and working out the jitters.

All three programs at DVC are known for producing high-caliber shows year after year, and this year is shaping up to be no different. Additionally, for three groups who are geographically close to each other and compete hard against one another during the season, the atmosphere during performances was one of respect and encouragement. It was a sign of another successful year of DVC, a rare spark of public activity for show choir in mid-December when most groups are quietly plugging away in their rehearsals. The work with clinicians and exposure to other groups is a welcome reprieve from that, and it also means that competition season is just around the corner.


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