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HRSC Week 8 Indiana Small Rankings

All the marbles will shake out this upcoming weekend, but there was plenty of action to digest following last weekend too!

Small Mixed

  1. Roncalli “Royal Rhapsody” (4 first-place votes, no change)

  2. Huntington North “Varsity Singers” (+1)

  3. Pendleton Heights “Pendletones” (-1)

  4. Northridge “Northern Lights” (+1)

  5. New Castle “Red Hot Blues” (-1)

  6. Edgewood “Music Warehouse” (NC)

  7. Pike “Encores” (NC)

  8. Whiteland “Rhythm Masters” (+1)

  9. Columbus North “Vocal Pointe” (-1)

  10. Cathedral “Adrenaline Rush” (NC)

Receiving Votes: Austin "Dimensions", Franklin Community "Heritage Singers", Jay County "Patriot Edition"

Small Single-Gender

  1. Pendleton Heights “Emerald Suites” (4 first-place votes, no change)

  2. Huntington North “Viking Volume” (NC)

  3. Edgewood “Sophisticated Ladies” (NC)

  4. Northridge “Starlights” (NC)

  5. Norwell “Knight Stars” (NC)

  6. Columbus North “North Stars” (+1)

  7. Cathedral “Irish Adrenaline” (-1)

  8. New Castle “Dynamiques” (NC)

  9. Jay County “Just Treble” (NC)

  10. Pike “Mystiques” (New)

Receiving Votes: Whiteland "Expressions", East Noble "Premiere Edition"

Who in the World is Jay County?

In recent years, Jay County has become a name to remember in the small mixed and small single-gender divisions. Their single-gender group Just Treble has scored themselves a spot in the top ten with a Barbie-themed show. With interesting costumes and a fun show theme, it’s hard not to love their set. First impressions of this choir are usually about their size, but that has no bearing on their ability to perform. Their energized choreography only adds to their stylized vocals throughout the show. Just Treble will be heading to Noblesville’s competition this weekend to end their competition season. The mixed group, Patriot Edition, also earned votes for the first time in 2024 this week, although it was not enough to crack the top ten.

Stars Align in Single-Gender

Northridge Starlights, Norwell Knight Stars and Columbus North North Stars are now all in a row (fourth through sixth) in the single-gender rankings. It probably doesn't mean anything when it comes to valuable insight, but it is a fun coincedence!

Ups and Downs

A trio of swaps highlights the changes in small mixed this week. Huntington North now has three overall competition wins this season and has done enough for the voters to move them above Pendleton Heights. Just below that, Northridge is rounding into prime late-season form, pushing them above New Castle. In the back half of the field, Whiteland continues their climb, going from tenth to ninth to eighth in the past three weeks.

Pendleton vs. Huntington North

It’s hard to compare these two perennial small mixed titans, as they are from different areas of Indiana and have yet to compete head on this season. This weekend will provide a true winner as both Pendleton and Huntington North attend ISSMA Small School State Finals. With Roncalli finishing their season early, the fight for first place lands between the top two groups left Both group’s seasons have been accompanied with multiple caption awards, along with several division wins. As the weekend approaches, it’s easy to assume that both of these choirs are preparing for a hard fought battle for one last win to close out their seasons.

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