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HomeRoom's 2nd Annual Homie Show Choir Awards

Updated: Apr 22

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Homie Show Choir Awards! The 2024 show choir season has come and gone, but it's certainly one we will never forget. These awards are to highlight the amazing accomplishments and creativity in the world of show choir this season. With over 40 different awards up for grabs for our nominees, your voice counts in choosing the winners for 35 unique of those categories! So make sure to cast your votes for this years Homies!

(Your vote will be automatically saved and there is no need to advance to any other screen)

Voting has concluded!

The Award Ceremony will be held that night live on Show Choir Nation at 6 pm. ct. on Instagram. See you there!

Choir of the Year

Choir of the Year

  • Center Grove "Sound System"

  • Linn-Mar "10th Street Edition"

  • Gretna "Revolution"

  • Clinton "Attaché"

Best Vocals

Best Choreography

Best Band

Best Show Design

Set of the Year

Song/Medley of the Year

Ballad of the Year (Videos Below)

Dance Break of the Year (Videos Below)

Best "In-Show Moment" (Videos Below)

Outstanding Soloist in Show pt.1 (Videos Below)

Outstanding Soloist in a Show pt. 2 (Videos Below)

Best Character Portrayed in a Show

Best Costumes

Prop of the Year

Stage Crew of the Year

Single-Gender Choir of the Year

Single-Gender Best Vocals

Single-Gender Best Choreography

Single-Gender Best Show Design

Tier 2 Choir of the Year

Prep Choir of the Year

Choral Program of the Year

Rookie Choir of the Year

Most Improved Choir

Choir Traveler

Giant Slayer

Competition of the Year

Competition of the Year

  • Wheaton Warrenville South Choral Classic

  • Show Choir Nationals

  • Davenport Central Great River SC Invitational

  • Cosby Titan Tournament Of Choirs

Best-Run Competition

Competition Name of the Year

Competition Food of the Year

Director of the Year

Choreographer of the Year

Arranger of the Year

Best Dressed Homeroom

People's Choice

Thank you for voting! Make sure to tune into Show Choir Nation live on our Instagram Monday at 6 pm. ct. for the Award Ceremony!

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Surprised Johnston’s ballad incorporating sign language didn’t get nominated for moment of the year. You could hear a pin drop when the entire choir stopped singing and signed a few bars. Very moving!


Amazing show.


Aaawww just saw this!! Would have loved to have voted!!!


Awesome job limited edition

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