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Feb. 10 Southern Show Choir Preview

After a big weekend of show choir in the South, we now turn to the third week of competitions, with two competitions taking place in Alabama and one in Mississippi. While these lineups are a slight step down from last week's monster lineups, there is still plenty to look forward to at each of these scenes. Follow along as we take a look at each individual event and assign (probably incorrect) predictions at each.



With so many turbulent and shocking competitions in the state of Mississippi, we get our first relatively calmer event. Brandon is the overwhelming favorite coming in, arriving here after two weeks without a grand championship. They look to turn the page and get back on the winning train over groups such as the undefeated West Jones and Madison Central. With no competition in middle division for South Jones, we look towards small division, where we get an exciting lineup between the current top small division group Oxford and genuine threats from Wayne County, Laurel, Pisgah, and numerous others.


Predictions (five finalists):

GC) Brandon “Brio” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Madison Central “Reveille”

2RU) West Jones “Imagination”

3RU) Brandon “Bellas”

4RU) Jackson Prep “Reveillon”

1st in Single-Gender) Brandon “Bellas”

1st in Small Mixed) Oxford “Sound”



After winning the southern competition of the year, Homewood turns its focus towards the Jasper Foothills Show Choir Classic, where they face Jackson Prep, Enterprise, and an entourage of middle mixed groups. Homewood looks to be overwhelming favorite here, but the rest of the board is up for grabs, especially with such a competitive middle mixed division and no clear second place favorite. Single gender groups from Homewood and Enterprise could very well sneak into finals here as well, as Homewood did last weekend at JASI.


Predictions (five finalists):

GC) Homewood “The Network” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Enterprise “Encores”

2RU) Homewood “Nexus”

3RU) Vestavia Hills “Singers”

4RU) Jackson Prep “Reveillon”

1st in Middle Mixed) Vestavia Hills “Singers”

1st in Small Mixed) Pell City “Showstoppers”



            Like Homewood at Jasper, Auburn comes into this competition as the heavy favorites, competing against Biloxi, Tift County, and another collage of other groups (although this time more spread out through the divisions). Again, like Jasper, with no clear favorite for second place, there is plenty of room for surprises and for groups to start claiming their ranks above their peers.

Predictions (no finals):

GC) Auburn “Varsity Singers” (BV/BC/Show Design)

1RU) Biloxi “Sound Surge”

2RU) Tift County “8th Street Singing Company”

3RU) Briarwood “Radica”

4RU) Auburn “Elan”

1st in Single-Gender) Auburn “Elan”

1st in Middle Mixed) Briarwood “Radica”

1st in Small Mixed) West Marion “New Era”


While the grand champions may seem clear-cut this weekend, there are still several battles to watch out for! Check back late in the weekend for a review of how everything shook out.

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