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Feb. 10 Ohio and West Virginia Preview

This past weekend saw a variety of interesting results across Ohio and West Virginia. Read more to find out about these results and find out what they mean for Ohio show choir this season! 

Feb. 3rd Review

Hurricane Red Hot Championship  

GC: Solon “Music in Motion” (BV, BC) 

1RU: Manchester “Capital Swing” 

2RU: Robert C. Byrd “Vocal Intensity” 

3RU: Twinsburg “Great Expectations” 

4RU: Nitro “Showcats” 

5RU: Capital “Voices In Perfection” 

Solon got their second sweep of the season this past weekend, taking Vocals and Choreography against a large field at Hurricane. Rounding out the podium were two groups from different states, with Manchester traveling in from Virginia to take second place and perennial West Virginia small group power Robert C. Byrd in third place. Twinsburg continued their success this year in small mixed, earning fourth place in finals as well as winning the Middle Mixed division in the daytime. Nitro also made a splash, making finals for the second week in a row, taking fifth place. The finals field was rounded out by daytime Small Mixed champion Capital in sixth place. Other results of note include Manchester’s womens’ group, Touch of Swing, sweeping the single-gender division over groups like Cabell Midland and Nitro’s men. 

Marion Harding Singsational  

GC: Marysville “Swingers Unlimited” (BC) 

1RU: Naperville North “Entourage” (BV) 

2RU: Piqua “The Company” 

3RU: Mayfield “Limited Edition” 

4RU: Poca “Visual Volume” 

5RU: Naperville North “High Heeled Harmony” 

This competition saw an exciting matchup at the top between one of the best groups in Ohio and one of the best groups in Illinois. This matchup came complete with a switch in placements between prelims and finals and a caption split, but in the end, Marysville took home their second win of the season and Best Choreography, while Naperville North took home second place and Best Vocals. In third was Piqua, continuing their long streak of podium placements that has been going since 2022, while Mayfield took fourth, breaking a long drought of finals placements and heralding a good season for them. Poca continued their successful season, winning the Small Mixed division during the daytime and placing fifth overall in finals. The finals field was rounded out by Naperville North’s womens’ group, who won the Single-Gender division and placed sixth overall. 

Other Competitions

Two smaller competitions happened in Ohio and West Virginia this past weekend. At Walsh Jesuit, which featured a field of five groups, a caption split occurred at the top, with Strongsville taking Best Choreography and the Overall Grand Champion title, while North Royalton took Best Vocals and 2nd place. This is Strongsville’s first Grand Championship ever, and one of North Royalton’s highest placements ever as well. At Grafton, which made the switch to being a non-competitive event after initially being a competition, Doddridge County took the award for Best Vocals.

Ohio and West Virginia groups also saw success in Indiana competitions this past weekend. At Homestead, Findlay continued their long tradition of success by winning the competition overall, with Fairfield placing fourth and Winfield placing fifth in Large Mixed. Ohio and West Virginia also showed out in Small Mixed, with Ohio Small Mixed powerhouse Edgewood winning the division and West Virginia Small Mixed powerhouse Herbert Hoover close behind in second. Sissonville also made small mixed finals, placing 6th in the division. In the Large Womens division, Fairfield Pure Elegance took home a divisional title, continuing their long tradition of success. The other Indiana competition that featured an Ohio group was Edgewood, where Beavercreek placed second behind Plainfield, who swept the field. 

Week of February 10

Ohio and West Virginia feature a large variety of exciting competitions this upcoming weekend, which are sure to produce exciting results! 

Loveland Showfest 

Large Mixed - Perrysburg “The Swarm,” Robert C. Byrd “Vocal Intensity,” Musselman “Kaleidoscope,” Lebanon “Singers,” Beavercreek “Friends,” Marysville “Swingers Unlimited,” Olentangy “Keynotes” 

Small Mixed - Norwood “The Silhouettes,” Ravenswood “Rave Revue,” South Dearborn “Opening Knight,” Ross “Legacy” 

Womens’ Division - Olentangy “She-Notes” 

Middle School - South Dearborn “Showcase,” Fairfield “Rhythm Express,” Perrysburg “Golden Jackets,” Hamilton “Cutting Edge,” Bunsold “Mini Swingers,” Beavercreek “Entourage,” Kenton “Dimensions,” Lake Forest “Revolution,” Ross “Next Generation” 

This competition looks to be an exciting one for a large variety of reasons. The fun will begin Friday night, when the massive Middle School division takes the stage, with basically every important Ohio middle school competing against each other in a massive free-for-all. In Small Mixed, Ross continues their first season in their new division after missing finals at Winfield. They will look to bounce back against South Dearborn, one of the best small mixed groups in the Ohio and Indiana scenes, as well as Ohio stalwart Norwood and West Virginia stalwart Ravenswood. 

The only single-gender group at this competition will be Olentangy’s womens group, but they are one of the better single gender groups in Ohio and have a good shot at making finals. In Large Mixed, the marquee showdown will be a rematch of Marysville and Olentangy, who have already gone up against each other once this season. That split-caption decision at Winfield heralds an exciting matchup here between the two groups, with five other groups from Ohio and West Virginia thrown in for good measure. Beavercreek has already seen some success this season and are certainly in the running for a podium placement here, while the West Virginia matchup between Robert C. Byrd and Musselman should be exciting as well. With Perrysburg and Lebanon thrown in, this division looks to be exciting and it will certainly be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

Capital City Classic 

Large Mixed - Hurricane “Red Hot,” Huntington “Illusions” 

Middle Mixed - Herbert Hoover “High Impact,” Grafton “Entertainers,” Sissonville “Touch of Class,” Nitro “Showcats” 

Small Mixed - Riverside “Melodic Fusion,” Doddridge County “Bel Canto Bulldogs,” Sheridan “Northern Stars,” Alliance “Jet Setters” 

Single Gender Division - Nitro “Sophisticats,” Nitro “Tomcats,” Hurricane “Heat Wave” 

Hurricane is very clearly at the top of this competition, and is the favorite to win the title of Grand Champion, but the divisions below them promise an exciting matchup. In Middle Mixed, Sissonville and Nitro will go up against each other once again; they first matched up at Winfield, where Sissonville took second in small mixed and Nitro took third. They are joined by Herbert Hoover, a group that has earned second place at both of their competitions so far this season, and West Virginia small mixed stalwart Grafton for what should be an exciting matchup. In Small Mixed, it’s a battle of Ohio vs. West Virginia as two of the best Ohio small groups (Sheridan and Alliance) go up against two of West Virginia’s better small groups (Riverside and Doddridge County) in another exciting matchup. Finally, the single-gender division will see the return of Nitro’s womens group Sophisticats as they go up against Hurricane’s women and Nitro’s men, continuing their successful debut season. 

Twinsburg Northcoast Invitational 

Mixed Division - Euclid “Varsity Chorale,” Jefferson “Pop Singers,” Mayfield “Limited Edition,” ETC “The All Americans,” Garfield Heights “Music Express,” Solon “Music In Motion” 

Womens’ Division - ETC “Rouge” 

Middle School Division - ETC “Main Street Singers” 

Though it’s the smallest field of any Ohio or West Virginia competition this weekend, Twinsburg’s competition still brings an exciting matchup between two of Ohio’s hottest groups. ETC is riding high after their sweep against Loveland and Hurricane at Northrop earlier this season, while Solon is on a hot streak with their wins at Findlay and Hurricane, where they’ve beaten groups like Grove City, Piqua, and Manchester. Of course, ETC’s womens group (the Grand Champions at Twinsburg last year) can’t be counted out, and thus the top three should be an exciting matchup. Mayfield is also coming in hot off their finals placement at Marion Harding, and look to make a good showing here. Finally, this competition will also see Jefferson from the West Virginia panhandle and Euclid from the Cleveland area making their season debuts, adding even more excitement to this competition.

With that, the fields for the week are set, and it’s gonna be another week of good matchups in Ohio and West Virginia show choir. Make sure to keep an eye on HomeRoom Show Choir for coverage of all these competitions and show choir throughout the nation, and have a great weekend!

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