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Comps of the Week Recap: 1/21/23

With more competitions comes more excitement in the third week of the season! A split-caption win, a shootout of elite Iowa choirs, and two sweeps by long-established choirs highlight this week’s recap!

Johnston Showzam Final Results

GC: Waukee Northwest “Eos” (BV, BC)

1RU: Urbandale “Studio” (BB)

2RU: Ankeny Centennial “Spectrum”

3RU: Cedar Rapids Kennedy “Happiness, Inc.”

4RU: Waukee Northwest “Aurora”

5RU: Norwalk “Sound Revolution”

Waukee Northwest. That’s it. The school is in its second year of existence and just toppled Ankeny Centennial and Urbandale, plus it put its prep group in finals over Eternal Rush. That in and of itself is a massive accomplishment for any longstanding program, much less one that is in its infancy. While Eos put everyone on watch after taking a caption from Linn-Mar two weeks ago, it became a bona fide star while everyone was watching (there was a live feed) on Saturday. In both the short term and the long run, the potential for this group is absolutely ridiculous. Urbandale also wowed with its Iowa-themed show, also pulling the band caption from a number of other competitors. A shoutout goes to Norwalk as well – they’ve performed at a couple of absolutely loaded competitions the past two weeks and have qualified for finals in each, coming home with a pair of sixth-place finishes.

Millard West Music Lives Final Results

GC: Westside “Amazing Technicolor Show Choir” (BV/BC/BB)

1RU: Lincoln Southwest “Resonance”

2RU: Gretna “Revolution”

3RU: Omaha South “The Ambassadors”

4RU: Norris “Gold”

5RU: Lewis Central “Corporation”

Well, no one can really say they’re surprised, right? The Doran Johnson machine rolls on for ATSC’s second win of the year, and it comes in sweep fashion over a few of Nebraska’s hotter groups. Lincoln Southwest puts a second next to a third at UNL, while Gretna adds a podium to their win earlier in the year and Omaha South puts together its second straight fourth place finish. Norris seems to have cooled a bit from its 2022 form, as their fifth place is the lowest result in a Nebraska competition for the group since 2019. Lewis Central has now made finals three straight weeks in Nebraska, this time fending off Bellevue East and Westside’s Simply Irresistible. Due to the crazy amount of captions awarded, all finals groups save for Norris came home with at least one individual or group caption award, a sign for all of the groups that they not only survived, but thrived, in a tough and crowded finals at Millard West.

Milton Rock The Rock Final Results

GC: Chesterton “Sandpipers” (BV/BB)

1RU: Waconia “Power Company” (BC)

2RU: Monona Grove “Silver Connection”

3RU: Glenwood “Titan Fever”

4RU: Janesville Craig “Spotlighters”

5RU: Sussex Hamilton “Synergy”

This ain’t your mother’s Chesterton. After an upstart second place finish at Muscatine that put observers on watch, Sandpipers burst into the spotlight with a breakout win over one of the best groups in the upper Midwest. Waconia, for its part, still kept things close and claimed the choreography caption. After three competitions in three different states, PoCo will return to its home state of Minnesota next weekend at Bloomington Kennedy. Monona Grove also scored a very solid podium placement, fending off out-of-state competitor Glenwood. This comes after Silver Connection was fifth at Onalaska, making a nice jump. Titan Fever records another finals appearance, they’ve only missed one finals round since the pandemic. Craig and Hamilton round out the finals field, giving the home state of Wisconsin an even half of the finals competitors.

Twin Lakes Show Choir Invitational Final Results

GC: Loveland “By Request” (BC)

1RU: Northrop “Charisma” (BV)

2RU: Lafayette Jefferson “First Edition” (BB)

3RU: New Castle “Red Hot Blues”

4RU: Beavercreek “Friends”

Going into the competition, some observers thought that there might be a split-caption scenario. Very few would have thought that it would go three separate ways and that one of the groups involved would be Northrop. Loveland comes away with their first win of the year after placing third at Beavercreek last week. Northrop comes out of the gate strong after a 2022 that saw them compete mainly in thin large mixed fields. First Edition also makes a strong name for themselves in their season debut, always hanging around the top few groups. RHB has become a name to watch in Indiana’s small mixed divisions in years past and continues that at Twin Lakes, nabbing 3RU over Beavercreek. Northrop and Lafayette Jefferson will meet again at the Carroll Classic in Fort Wayne on February 4.

That’s just about it for this week’s recap! Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a fresh round of Comps of the Week!

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