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🚨Comps of the Week🚨 2/5/22

There is a grand total of 23 competitions this weekend spanning from Shepherd Hill, Massachusetts to Fort Worth, Texas! The Show Choir season is now in full swing, as after this weekend majority of the groups will have competed this year.

Here are the Top 4 competitions that caught our eye this weekend:

Mt. Pleasant Music InMotion Invitational

Fishers Silver Spotlight Show Choir Invitational

Bettendorf Rhythm on the Riverbend

Marion Harding Singsational

These four competitions have great all around lineups, and are ones to keep your eyes on over the course of your Saturday.

Now, we do have an Honorable Mention. The Millard South Stars on Stage Middle School Festival, is one of the biggest middle school show choir events that there has ever been! Due to it being a non-competitive event, it was not able to be apart of the Comps of the Week, but we did want to shoutout this incredible festival!

Millard South Stars on Stage Middle School Festival

Good luck to everyone hosting & competing this weekend! Safe travels!

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