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Barstool's National Show Choir Rankings

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We are so excited to start publishing our very own choir rankings! Choir rankings is just a fun, interactive way to congratulate and shed light on groups who have had success during a show choir season. It will be exciting to see what groups rise in the ranks with each competition they attend, and who eventually will be at top of the rankings at the end of the season. Every season is different, every group is different, and every show is different and the rankings will be a cool way to document all the season's twists and turns.

In no way or form are the rankings used or should be used to "bash" other groups, but instead possibly inspire groups to go and give it their all so they could rise in the rankings! Again, we here at Barstool Show Choir believe in spreading positivity throughout the show choir community and are actively trying to straying away from the underlying negativity in show choir.

Now, you must be wondering how we will go about ranking choirs? We have discussed, collaborated, and agreed on a systematic unbiased way to do about the rankings. We have created a point system to reward groups on how they place (and what they achieve) at competitions. It goes as follows:

Grand Champion =

50 pts

1st Runner Up =

40 pts

2nd Runner Up =

30 pts

3rd Runner Up =

20 pts

4th Runner Up =

10 pts

5th Runner Up =

5 pts

Best Vocals =

15 pts

Best Choreography =

10 pts

Best Band =

5 pts

Undefeated Season =

+5 pts

Groups to qualify for the National Rankings must have attended at least 3 competitions, and have placed in Tier 1 or in Large Mixed at those 3 competitions. The Raw Scores earned by a group (seen above) will be divided by the amount of competitions that group has attended, that will be calculated into the Barstool Score. The Barstool Score (divided score) is how we will rank the groups. Whoever has the highest Barstool score at the end of the season will be crowned the Winner of the Barstool National Show Choir Rankings!

Tiebreakers in order for groups knotted up at the same Barstool Score go as followed:

  1. Head 2 Head: If Group 1 has beaten Group 2 at a competition and they are tied with the same Barstool Score. Group 1 has priority of being above Group 2 in the rankings. If still tied you move on to tiebreaker #2

  2. Most GCs: If groups are still tied after tiebreaker #1, then the group who has more Grand Championships over the other, gets priority over the other in the rankings. If still tied you move on to tiebreaker #3

  3. Most Caption Awards: If groups are still tied after tiebreaker #2, then the group with more Caption Awards (Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Band) gets priority over the other in the rankings. If still tied you move on to tiebreaker #4.

  4. Attended Less Comps/Compared Competition: If groups are still tied after tiebreaker #3. The group that has attended less competitions or has went up against "tougher" competition then the other they get priority over the other (competition would be decided by our rankings). If still tied go to tiebreaker #5

  5. Coin Flip: If somehow groups are still tied after the previous 4 tiebreakers it will come down to coin flip.

Now, to make it clear we do understand Head to Head, and how beating a group at a competition technically makes a group "better" than who they beat, but these rankings are going to be solely based off the Barstool Score. Head to Head over the course of the season gets way to jumbled up and difficult to keep track of who beat who all season long. So, if group 1 has beaten a group 2, but group 2 still has a higher Barstool Score, group 2 will be above them in the Rankings. However, we do recognize Head to Head, and that is why we implemented it as a tie breaker.

We are very exited to get this ball rolling! Although currently undecided on how many groups will be on the rankings (50-100), and how often the rankings will be dropped (every week or every other week) we know for sure this will be a fun experience for all!

The 1st installment of the 2022 Barstool National Show Choir Rankings will drop on 2/2/22!

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