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2024 Show Choir Madness Round of 8 Voting

Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to the 2024 Show Choir Madness voting! Please vote in the polls below to determine who will advance to the Round of 4! Voting opens as soon as this webpage is published (April 11th at noon Central) and will close 24 hours later. Simply vote in the polls you desire to vote in - you should see a checkmark by the group you voted for. Your vote will be automatically saved and there is no need to advance to any other screen. A full bracket can be viewed at

HomeRoom Show Choir reserves the right to examine and take action on any voting irregularities as it sees fit.


John Burroughs "Powerhouse" (CA) 1,614, Huntington North "Varsity Singers" (IN) 1,395

Noblesville "NHS Singers" (IN) 1,620, Loveland "By Request" (OH) 1,073

Burbank "In Sync" (CA) 1,811, Tomah "Limited Edition" (WI) 1,663

Hurricane "Red Hot" (WV) 1,175, Waconia "Power Company" (MN) 532

Statement on Irregular Results

As we host this enjoyable annual event, our goal is to try to ensure fairness for all participants to the best of our ability. While it may not be feasible to detect every instance of misconduct, one recent poll result had several irregularities where the number of votes exceeded a reasonable threshold for both schools. As a result, both schools were removed from bracket considerations for the remainder of Madness.

To the individuals from the associated schools who voted fairly and with integrity, we want to deeply apologize for this result. We understand that most individuals did not partake in the misconduct, and that a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else. However, we can not move forward knowing this action would be rewarded. This result DOES NOT reflect on schools and choirs themselves, but rather than the individuals who perpetrated the misconduct. Show Choir Madness is conducted to promote unity in the show choir community, and when it devolves into voting irregularities and nasty messages, it no longer serves its intended purpose. HomeRoom Show Choir always reserves the rights to take action on any voting irregularities that may occur.

The highest vote-getter (that lost) from their Round of 16 matchups will take the unclaimed spot in the Round of 4 --- Hurricane "Red Hot."

Voting for the Round of 4, to see who will be advancing to the Championship, will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern/noon Central/10 a.m. Pacific Friday!

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another one bites the dust

Replying to

dont get mad at me lol get mad at the guy cheating for your bracket


why does matchup 4 have more votes than the others lol.

Replying to

Some schools have more than one school voting for them. (Our school plus neighboring ones or ones that cheer for other groups/schools)

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