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2024 Show Choir Madness Championship Voting

Updated: Apr 16

Welcome to the 2024 Show Choir Madness voting! Vote in the poll below to determine this year's champion. Voting opens as soon as this webpage is published (April 15th at noon Central) and will close 24 hours later. Simply click on the choir you wish to vote for - you should see a checkmark by the group you voted for. Your vote will be automatically saved and there is no need to advance to any other screen. An added wrinkle in the final round is that results will only be available after the poll has ended, leaving all voters in suspense until that moment. A full bracket can be viewed at 

HomeRoom Show Choir reserves the right to examine and take action on any voting irregularities as it sees fit.

Championship Match: Noblesville "NHS Singers" 1,952, Burbank "In Sync" 1,274

Thank you everyone for voting and participating this year!

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This a miller moment

Mi piace

Go Millers!!😎

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Go Millers!!!

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