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What are the HomeRoom Show Choir Rankings?

Show choir is famous for its uniqueness. Seemingly every state has slightly different rules on divisions. Some circuits have finals. Some don’t. Some finals have six. Others have five. Some states do single-gender or small mixed finals. The mystique and intrigue of show choir placing seems to be half of the overall attraction to it. Oh, and how about the almost innumerable variations of score sheets that are prevalent throughout the country?

HomeRoom Show Choir Rankings are an attempt at the impossible: quantifying show choir placings.

2024 brings a built-from-scratch, totally redone proprietary formula that aims to give each circuit (with all applicable quirks) its due. The new formula takes into account if a competition has finals or not, overall division sizes, different caption awards given out in different regions, number of competitions, and strength of schedule. The single-gender and Tier II rankings do depend on full divisional placements being awarded. If you feel your choir is shorted on the rankings because a divisional placing wasn't announced all the way down, email the divisional results to and it will be updated.

HomeRoom Show Choir aims to be the leader in national show choir formula rankings by not only ranking the nation’s top groups, but also ranking single-gender groups and lower groups: 3A, middle mixed, intermediate mixed, whatever you call them.

In the name of consistency, groups must have competed three times in order to be eligible for the rankings. This prevents one spectacular or terrible outing for a group to disproportionately sway its spot in the rankings. This also means that if you’re confused as to why your group isn’t on the rankings, check their competition schedule – they may be short of the required three competitions.

Additionally, be on the lookout for multiple poll rankings, done by regional experts both on the HomeRoom staff and in-the-wild show choir observers! These aim to take the math out and put the humans in by taking the opinions of informed individuals and forming a consensus. While these will not be national in scope, their regional focus will allow more in-depth analysis.

All of this is to be taken with a grain of salt – at the end of the day, show choir is best when enjoyed and not disappointed. To borrow an old saying of this site, viva la show choir!

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